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Chat with Your Dream

More than a Single Interpretation: An AI Chat That Remembers Everything About You.

Chat with GPT-4-powered insights that recall your dream history for context-rich interpretations. Identify recurring symbols and themes, and chronicle your journey with our integrated dream journal.

Private Dream Chat

Engage privately with your dreams in our unique conversational interface. Deepen your understanding through real-time, confidential dialogue. Share your deepest thoughts without the need to tell anybody else.

GPT-4-Powered Insights

Delve deeper with the aid of the advanced GPT-4 model, ensuring precise and insightful dream interpretations.

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Historical Dream Recall

As you chat, our system remembers past dreams, providing context-rich interpretations by connecting past and present narratives.

Symbol Extraction

Unearth and recognize recurring symbols within your dreams, spotlighting patterns and themes that recur over time.

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Integrated Dream Journal

Chronicle, revisit, and reflect upon your nocturnal adventures, creating a growing repository of your subconscious tales.

Auto-Generated Titles & Tags

Each dream you input receives an auto-generated title and relevant tags, streamlining the organization and searchability of your dream entries.

Connect with Your Life

Beyond Dream Analysis: A Journey to Enhance Your Waking Life

Delve deeper with tools that merge dreams with day-to-day experiences. From tailored insights to visualizing dream trends, we facilitate a holistic understanding, enriching your waking moments.

Enhanced Dream Context

Enrich your dream descriptions by adding contextual information during chats, enabling AI to gain deeper insights and provide more accurate interpretations.

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Post-Chat Insights

After your dream chat, seek guidance and actionable insights from AI that can enhance your daily life and overall well-being.

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Integrated Life Moments

Beyond dreams, add significant "life moments" to your journal. These moments integrate seamlessly into your timeline, offering a comprehensive view of your personal journey.

Personalized Profile

Build a detailed user profile to receive interpretations tailored to your unique experiences, preferences, and life situation, ensuring a more resonant understanding.

Dream Activity Graph

Visualize your dream patterns and frequency with an intuitive activity graph, making it simple to track and reflect on your dream trends over time.

Personal Growth Recommendations

Utilizing data from your dreams, profile, and life moments, the AI provides personalized suggestions for books, articles, or activities that could aid in personal development and growth.

Hear from our dreamers

Dream Decoder is a super handy tool for quickly finding out what a dream may mean. In the past, I've had to google everything and then go through some of the top sites I was already aware of, but Dream Decoder is a lot simpler and makes this process a lot easier. It's also helpful to get a dream deciphered based on common symbols in one place, instead of trying to piece things together. I also like the reminder at the end of each decoded dream that it very much depends on your cultural background, your emotional state, and other things that are quite personal and not always easy to generalize.

Ralitsa Minkova

5 out of 5! amazingly insightful dreams interpretation, and this page is a masterpiece. The premise of using ai to interpret dreams is making incredible use of this technology! I truely hope to see all these works in a book one day!

MadameAsh TarotReader

This is a phenomenal site! And I definitely plan to use it for all my dream interpretations from here on out and I'll definitely be recommending it to everyone I know!


Nice idea, I like to decode my dreams and always used Google for it. The result I get here is much better. Also, I like this option for saving dreams, it helps to make yourself better in remembering the next ones.


I'm really blown away by this tool. I was able to use it for free and hope I'm able to in the future. This can really help people


The most closely accurate decoder of my dream. Everything decoded was exactly how it is for me in my waking life.


Loved by dreamers worldwide









Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Decoder is designed for dream decoding to help you interpret and understand the meaning behind your dreams. By chatting about your dream, Dream Decoder provides personalized insights and guidance to unravel the symbolism and messages within your dreams. Dream Decoder is your 7/24 dream analyst.

Dream Decoder allows you engage in a conversation with our AI companion to discuss and explore the various elements and symbols within your dream. The AI performs dream decoding, takes into account your personal profile, and generates tailored interpretations.

Yes, Dream Decoder is available for free to all users.

As a free user, you can enjoy the benefits of dream interpretation and exploration. However, please note that there is a limit of one dream per week for free users.

For those who desire unlimited dream recording and access to advanced features, we offer premium plans. By upgrading to a premium plan, you can enjoy unlimited dream recording and delve deeper into the analysis and interpretation of your dreams.

To learn more about the premium plans and their pricing details, please visit our pricing page.

While Dream Decoder provides advanced analysis and interpretations, it's important to note that dream interpretation is subjective and can vary based on individual experiences and beliefs. Dream Decoder's accuracy is dependent on the quality of information provided and the user's engagement in the interpretation process. It is recommended to use Dream Decoder as a tool for self-reflection and personal insights rather than a definitive source of truth.

No, Dream Decoder is not intended to replace professional therapy or medical advice. While dream analysis can provide valuable insights, it is not a substitute for professional assistance. If you have concerns about your mental health or require medical advice, it is crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Absolutely! Simply start a chat by typing in your language, and in most cases, our AI companion will automatically respond in the same language.

In the rare instance that the system cannot recognize your language accurately, you can simply request the AI to communicate with you in a specific language. For example, if you prefer to converse in Chinese, you can type something like "请用汉语与我交谈" (please talk to me in Chinese) depending on your native language.

After logging in to Dream Decoder, you can go to the profile page and provide additional information about yourself. While it is not mandatory, filling in your profile can greatly enhance the accuracy and personalization of dream interpretations.

By inputting details such as your age, gender, cultural background, religious beliefs, and significant life events, you empower Dream Decoder to consider these factors when analyzing and interpreting your dreams. This enables the AI companion to generate more accurate and personalized insights tailored specifically to you.

Dream Decoder simplifies the process of generating titles and tags for your dreams. Based on your description of the dream, Dream Decoder automatically generates a suitable title and a set of relevant tags.

To ensure accurate generation, please make sure your first message is a clear and concise description of your dream. There's no need to say hi or other greetings to start a conversation. Simply jump right into sharing the details of your dream, and Dream Decoder will handle the rest.

Dream Decoder incorporates a symbol list that is generated based on your description of the dream. This feature aims to assist you in better understanding the symbolic elements within your dreams and uncovering patterns over time. By analyzing the content of your dream, Dream Decoder identifies significant symbols that hold personal or universal meaning.

Additionally, we built Dream Decoder Dictionary. where you can access more information about specific symbols and explore symbols that others have dreamt.

The AI models have a context window that determines the maximum number of tokens they can process in a single conversation, including both your input and the model's response. If your conversation exceeds this limit, you'll need to create a new dream.

Currently, for our standard model, this limit is 6,000 tokens (roughly 4,500 words in English). The premium model offers a much larger context window of 128,000 tokens (96,000 words), allowing for longer conversations without interruption.

Life Moments serve as a dedicated space within Dream Decoder for users to record and contemplate their real-life experiences alongside their dreams. This feature enables users to create a comprehensive narrative that weaves together the realms of their dreams and waking life, offering a deeper understanding of their personal journey.

To add a moment, go to dream list page , and click the button located above the timeline on the dream list page. The content of your moment will be seamlessly integrated into the list of dreams.

In the future, we are planning to enhance the capabilities of our AI to take into account your life moments, further enriching the personalized interpretation of your dreams.

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